BoiPKG a brand created for theythem, for him , for her and for you

My name is Shareef Hadid Jenkins. I come from a long line of fashion entrepreneurs. My great grandmother was a dress maker and my father is a high end scarf designer. Today I carry the baton by creating BoiPKG. Pronounced Boy Package with the reclaiming of the societal boy B-O-Y to B-O-I. This is an example of claiming and reclaiming your own identity. I set out to create a brand that is not limited by gender constructs. Clothes have no gender. BoiPKG is here for you to order what makes you feel good about you. How ever you identify nonbinary, transgender, genderqueer, male, female, LGBTQIAP, it is my goal for BoiPKG to be a brand for you to feel free to be your truest self.

One of the ways BoiPKG accomplishes this is by being dedicated to nonbinary and Trans visibility in our social media and advertising. More than any other brand will you see an Instagram page as diverse as ours. We love when customers send us fan pics for us to re-gram showing us just how diverse and united our community can be and is.

BoiPKG is dedicated to giving back to the LGBTQAIP community. We donate one dollar from every sale to The Attic LGBT Youth Center in Philadelphia PA. We have partnerships with New York City businesses like Broadly Entertaining, who every week holds charity events for local organization and causes like sending feminine hygiene products to communities that can’t afford them.

Our latest partnership is with TransfigureprintCo. Transfigure is a small print shop founded in 2017 that specializes in hand printed apparel, usually printed using a screen print method or block printing. “We tend to focus a lot of their designs around the LGBTQ+ community with emphasis on the trans and queer community as we are a trans/queer owned business. We pride ourselves on being a vital part of supplying the community with affordable goods and services. After all, we need to support each other and work together to bring attention to important and worthy causes.”

I want to personally thank you for taking the time to learn about us and support our vision here at BoiPKG. We appreciate your continued support.

Shareef Hadid Jenkins

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