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Holiday Season Happenings

Holiday Season  Happenings

Happy holidays, 

This season BoiPKG will be popping  up all over New York City And Baltimore Maryland, selling with huge ho,day discounts and free giveaways. 

Wednesday Nov 22nd  Thanksgiving Eve we will be at  

“3 dollar Bills”  260 Meserole Street, Brooklyn NY 10pm at “The Boots Down” drag show hosted by King Ivy come for the harnesses stay for the show! Or the other way around!

BoiPKG is sponsoring Drag Tuesday Nov 26th at The Stonewall Inn  53 Christopher St. Ny, Ny, a Phil Chanel Production “Polish The Queen” season 5 finale The category is Queen of the Zodiac! 

Black Friday Nov Nov 29th from 4pm -4am at “The Vault” in Williamsburg 248 Mckibbon St Williamsburg Brooklyn with other vendors hosted by Misty Meaners complete with drinks and performances, 1st ten purchasers will get a free harness. 

Sunday Dec 1st we will have a Facebook and Insta live event from 2pm on , with special guest models, influencer and artist wearing all BoiPKG items that can be delivered 9n three days , you can purchase as you watch ! 

Saturday Dec 14th Bushwag holiday edition at 3 Dollar Bills from 1pm -8pm do your holiday and bargain shopping ! We will be there with bells on .

Don't forget at “Grand Central Baltimore“ Sponsored Dance contest “Blowout” hosted by Bombalicious Eklaver Friday nights 10pm  


Getting ready for New York Fashion Week! With a new line and collaboration show with Ten Yards Clothing and Pinwheel! 

Stay tuned for out The PHLUID Project debut event next year! 



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Red Canary Sings/ BoiPKG Popup for charity Kink Out event.

Red Canary Sings/ BoiPKG Popup for charity Kink Out event.

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